Escort advertising rules is not one of escort agency owners, therefore the advertisers equality principle is strictly observed. All escort advertisers have the same rights and advertising restrictions. Our website is a project which aims to maximally facilitate the search of paris escorts.

It is not allowed to create more than one advertising for a single escort. Your account may be suspended in case of profile duplication. The profile positions on the website are selected randomly, but all paid ads have priority, they are always shown above non-paid profiles (free profiles have a short listing time, and can be removed by our administrators anytime).

Do not upload photos with the genitals and anus visible. We block accounts with any pornographic material (both photo and video). Profiles are moderated in a queue within 3 hours. It is not allowed to place photos of minors.

If for any reason you think the rules of the site are unacceptable to you, please note that registration and placing of advertising on the site is a voluntary step. And in case you do not agree with site rules, you can leave it.

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