Escort Paris Anna

Personal info
Ethnicity: caucasian/white
Nationality: Not specified
Age, y.o.: 28
Height, cm: 175
Weight, kg: 56
Breast, cm: ---
Waist, cm: ---
Hips, cm: ---
Cup size: B
Eyes color: green
Hair color: blonde
Available for: men
1 hour: 250
2 hours: 400
3 hours: ---
4 hours: 800
dinner date: ---
overnight: ---
1 hour: 250
2 hours: 400
3 hours: ---
4 hours: 800
dinner date: ---
overnight: ---
Service: ---
Additional info (services): Price for 24 hours 1500 EUR
About me
Poise, confidence, charisma, and natural beauty – these are ideal
qualities in any woman, and I have them all. I have discovered that
learning about lives and passions of the people around me is what I
truly love. Nothing excites me more than really understanding someone
new, and I know how to approach every person and every situation. I am
truly a perfect lady, both in looks and personality, and my elegance
shines through wherever I am and I am doing. My curiosity about life
will not be denied, and conversations with me will quickly draw you in
closer; let me get to know you and I will be like putty in your hands,
ready for an enchanting night together.

You might be surprised to
find out that I hold a master degree in psychology and ask yourself why
I picked this high class escort entertainment instead of a psychologist
career. Actually I tasted from this wonderful thrilling life during my
studies and honestly I totally love it. It’s wonderful to meet with
interesting people who walk very different paths in life and experience
intimate moments in a cocoon nobody else knows it even exists. Passion
can be very powerful when there are no strings attached. You can tell me
anything and we can experiment and have fun without holding back from
anything. I will never annoy you. All those relationship drama doesn’t
exist in my world of fun and pleasure. My main goal is to make you
comfortable during our time together and to have unique and extremely
sensual pleasures!
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